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Halloween Reusable Bags

The Halloween Chocolate Experience Tote

$ 46.00



No trick or treating this year?Ā šŸ˜¢ Cheer up anyĀ kid with a delicious toteĀ of chocolatey goodies including a custom bar with their name on it! Order online or bring them to theĀ store in Ventura to see all the topping choices and watch their creation become a bar!

Package Includes:

- Reusable Halloween Tote Bag

- Custom Chocolate Bar with their name on it and up to fourĀ toppings or "Happy Halloween" plaque chocolate bar

- Halloween Variety Pack of 12 Chocolate Squares

- Two Halloween Chocolate CoveredĀ Oreo MonstersĀ 

- Mummy Chocolate Pop

- Bag of Gummy Candy Corn

In the Special Instructions at checkout, please type the name (up to 9 letters)Ā and topping selections for the name bar. Topping choices can be viewed in theĀ ChocoBuilder after selecting name bar (do not add to cart if purchasing thisĀ package). If no toppings are specified, we will use the ones in the photo. If you have a preference for one of the orange or black reusable totes, please specify as well.