Sweet Relief - 2 Years Young

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We made it! You and me. You, the chocolate lover, that is. You’re the greatest. Top This Chocolate still stands in Ventura Harbor and it’s been a year of curve balls, to say the least. There were ups: a summer of solid foot traffic in the harbor, being able to source ingredients and supplies again, and a loosening of strict distancing/capacity rules. And, there were downs: staffing shortages, Covid scares (thankfully the Chocologists are good and well), less foot traffic as Covid returns, and another round of supply shortages. Running a business these days is a rollercoaster, to be sure. Although, this business certainly isn't headed into the ground—and that feels great!

You’re done feeling sorry for small businesses like in the early days of the pandemic (you have your own problems after all) and you’re here because the chocolate is great and adds value to your life. You tell me this every day. Of course, there are still a few kinks to be worked out, and those are the next step in the journey. I opened the doors in such a hurry and so underfunded that certain things were overlooked (like how to display the products on the shelves). I told myself I’d revisit those things quickly, but then then pandemic hit. I had no idea it would take two years, but now...

It's time to rethink, redo, redecorate and upgrade from a store that feels "mom and pop" to one that feels ready for primetime. I thank all of our wonderful customers for being so accepting for so long, as I slowly improve project by project. I have goal and I will achieve it. I call it sweet stability—no, sweet relief.

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