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Reflections on Opening Day and the Mini Stroke that Didn't Stop Me

Posted by Shana Elson on

I made it to opening day! Five long years of hard work and stressing myself beyond my limits all came together on one marvelous day. Everyone was there – locals, the Chamber of Commerce, my family ...Read more


Time to Staff Up!

Posted by Shana Elson on

The construction of the new store is nearing completion. It's time to staff up to serve the wonderful and very welcoming community of Ventura. If you would like to apply to work as a Chocologist or...Read more


No Sweethearts this Valentine's Day???

Posted by Shana Elson on

You may have heard that Sweethearts conversation hearts are not available this Valentine's Day due to the bankruptcy of Necco, one of America's oldest candy companies. One of my best selling produc...Read more


Building Top This Chocolate is my life’s pursuit.  However, I began last year working again in a law office.  My online sales alone don't cover the bills yet and the majority of orders come before ...Read more


2018 Recap: Part Two

Posted by Shana Elson on

I finally had a store but now there was a ton of work to do.  It had no walls, plumbing or electricity.  It would need construction. This involved submitting plans to the Ventura County health depa...Read more