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Building Top This Chocolate is my life’s pursuit.  However, I began last year working again in a law office.  My online sales alone don't cover the bills yet and the majority of orders come before ...Read more


2018 Recap: Part Two

Posted by Shana Elson on

I finally had a store but now there was a ton of work to do.  It had no walls, plumbing or electricity.  It would need construction. This involved submitting plans to the Ventura County health depa...Read more


World's Oldest Man says he did it by eating sweets!

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Yes, it's true, Masazo Nonaka of Japan is 113 years old and says he owes it to eating sweets and soaking in hot springs, maybe even at the same time. His daughter believes he did it by keeping stre...Read more


World's most expensive truffle is on display in Portugal

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The Guinness Book of World Records has certified the world's most expensive chocolate. Priced at 7,728 euros or $8,800, the diamond-shaped confection is covered in edible gold and has a filling of ...Read more


To her health this Mother's Day

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Most Americans (53 percent) said that if pressed, they would rather give up coffee than chocolate, according to a survey by Mars Wrigley Confectionery Company. But why would anyone give up either...Read more