To her health this Mother's Day

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Most Americans (53 percent) said that if pressed, they would rather give up coffee than chocolate, according to a survey by Mars Wrigley Confectionery Company. But why would anyone give up either one when both have such great health benefits? More and more research show how good it is for us to eat dark chocolate. The advantages range from a healthier heart, lower blood pressure, and better memory function to reduced inflammation, lower stress and even improved vision. See footnotes 1 and 2. 

98 percent of 1,000 Americans in the survey above believe you can have treats and still lead a healthy lifestyle. However, it's becoming increasingly clear that when the treat is dark chocolate, the treat is contributing to that healthy lifestyle. Many choose treats to boost to their mood or relax and unwind.  I eat a chocolate square every night after dinner for both those reasons and for my health.  This Mother's Day, why not send her a box of dark chocolate squares so she feels like she's eating indulgent treats but is really taking care of herself.






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