Photo Shoot Day!

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Photo shoots are fun!  A lot goes into them though.  It takes days to prep the chocolate products, purchase props and pack up all the equipment and utensils needed.  Not to mention fitting in a haircut so I'm ready to be photographed making the chocolate.  Of course my hair is tied back when I'm really making chocolate but I prefer it down in photos.  Seasoned food photographer, Ed Rudolph, has a ton of expensive camera and lighting equipment in his studio.  Up and coming food stylist Suzi Rezler arranged the shots so everything looks delectable.  Each shot can easily take 45 minutes to set up.  The we'll snap the first photo, look at it and start tweaking the scene to make it better.  We could have easily spent the entire day tweaking the shot that had twenty different toppings.  Overheard: "Move that Oreo a little to the left.  There are too many blue jelly beans. Let's cut the pineapple chunks smaller.  More cashews.  Move that Oreo a little to the right.  No wrong.  Okay, take out the Oreos.  Let's put the Oreos back in.  There's not a single purple Front Loop.  Purple Froot Loops need representation.  All the pretzels are facing the same direction and it looks weird.  One of the goldfish is misshapen.  No, don't throw it away I wanted to eat it."  At a certain point, you just have to stop trying to create the most perfect tableau possible and take the picture.  While I was unsure in that moment I have to say it looked gorgeous the next day.  Suzi Rezler was a masterful arranger and a pillar of patience.  After nine hours on our feet, the shoot was complete and resulting in some amazing photography.  Next step redo the website with it.

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