The Art of Setting Shipping Prices

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I know.  You want free shipping.  You get it from Amazon (so do I) and wonder why it costs so much here?  It's tough for small businesses.  Our volume doesn't justify the huge discounts that big companies negotiate when they ship.  What most people don't know is that I actually lose money on the shipping.  Sometimes a lot. Many are surprised to hear that I often pay $12 per package and that's with a bulk discount I receive through a company that pools shipping for small businesses.  Have you been to the post office recently?  It's that expensive!  However, I know if I set the price of shipping any higher than it is, my customers will revolt.  It's important that the packages go out Priority Mail so they are trackable and the chocolate doesn't spend too long in transportation.  However, it's not actually that much cheaper to send by Parcel Post anyway.  So until I grow larger, I hope my customers continue to believe that my high quality products are worth the extra expense. I know there's nothing on Amazing that even comes close to the quality of these handcrafted chocolate-covered Oreos.

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