The holidays are my Go Time in the chocolate Biz!

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Another holiday season is upon us and I am very excited about the new toppings I have selected!  I think the Christmas variety pack is going to be big for hosts/hostesses, corporate gift giving and parties.  I'm also happy to be offering chocolate covered Oreos which are so good that I can't stop eating my inventory.  Developing new products has been a lot of fun as has been gearing up the chocolate factory for December but it's frustrating still not having retail store yet.  I'm still looking.  Location is extremely important as are other things that have become problematic such as city regulations, parking and the terms of the lease.  I'm optimistic that something will work out soon though because I've learned a lot about the locations where all these issues resolve the best.  In the meantime I've been practicing law again by the hour which I must admit has been bittersweet (like the dark chocolate).  Sweet because I'm lucky to be able to fall back on it while still pursuing this dream and bitter because I thought I left this part of my life behind.  Nevertheless, the people I work for are some of the nicest attorneys I've ever met in my life.  They actually told me not to hesitate to tell them that I'm too busy with chocolate to do their work.  This is unlike any employment situation that I have ever encountered in my life.  The bosses actually said that I should concern myself with my own problems before theirs.  I'm unbelievable lucky.  Bring it December!


 Chocolate Squares Christmas Topping Variety Pack

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