Mint Toppings Christmas Chocolate Squares with Red Bow
Mint Toppings Christmas Chocolate Squares
Blue Snowflake Box
Blue Christmas Tree Box
Silver Snowman Box
Gold Box with Box for 36 and 48 Squares

Minty Christmas Chocolate Squares

This chocolate squares variety pack contains a cute and colorful assortment of our minty holiday toppings including mint chips, crushed candy canes, peppermint yogurt pretzels and marshmallows. Perfect as gifts or for snacking on Christmas Day. Choose the type of chocolate, how many squares you want (squares are 2"x2") and what kind of box. Mixed dark, milk and white chocolate squares only available in 24, 36 and 48 squares.

Pictured: 12 chocolate squares in dark chocolate. Holiday-themed boxes only availabe in the 24 square size. 36 and 48 square sizes are stacked two deep and only available in the gold window box wth bow. 

$ 18.00